Tuesday, October 2, 2012

(POEM) One Afternoon in Crystal Cave

I actually googled crystal cave.
wait, stop! please, don't!
don't move, 'cause I won't.


let us sit down and discuss;
like fine gentlemen, no rush.


ah, yes, put your sword away,
oh, don't worry, trust me I say.


thank you, kind sir. I really appreciate that.
now shall we not waste any time and chat?  


so, how should I put this again, let's see;
um, please take your troops and leave us be.

no, no, no, no!

listen to me first, I will explain!
by slaying me, there is nothing to gain!


you see, I fell in love with her - deep.
pictures of her appear whenever I sleep.


I knew I had to take her here;
to make my heartache disappear.


all I want is to rest beside;
the princess whom my heart abide.


my claws and wings will be her guard;
and protect her, no matter how hard.


the gold and gems are worth but nought, 
compared the wonders that she has brought.


take them, the gold, the gems, the treasure,
take this cave too, it will be my pleasure.


you promise to let us be together,
I will fly her to wherever, that you desire.


you don't know how it feels like to have a girl taken away from you,
oh, wait, when I think about it, you do.

I promise I'll try my best to make something short next time.

Friday, September 28, 2012

(RANDOM) I wrote a book

Out of This World
Yes, you heard it right.
I wrote a Malay romance novel.

...well, a portion of it. As a bonus story.

This book is actually published by a new aspiring writer, Ismi Fa Ismail, who has already published a number of 4 titles, including this one (All different genres)
This book contains 4 different love stories (including mine), and all of them are...weird.
Hence the title CINTA Out of This World.

The title of my story (which is the last story in the book) is Say Goodnight.
It's actually a story that I've been wanting to publish years ago, 
and I finally did it this year.
It involves inter-galactic relationship...or is it?

Read it to find out. Get it at your local book stores!

(For now, it's not available in Popular. Sorry, about that. We'll try our best to do it soon.)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

(POEM) Dr. Dave's Date

picture randomly stolen from google

Another Sunday means another date,
For the ever so friendly Dr. Dave.
He wants to meet her, he couldn’t wait,
Although they've dated just yesterday.

The clock is ticking, but evening’s late,
His heart is racing, way out of pace.
He pictures her lovely, light blue-ish mate,
She’s different because she’s from out of space

In autumn he fell in a love with a girl;
A girl descended from another world.
Like, literally. Her name is Lily,
From a planet that I can’t spell properly.

And so he picks her up, at half past five,
From her spaceship that she calls ‘The Hive’,
She wants to impress him with her beautiful dress,
That barely covers all of her quadruple breasts.

Every single night, she gives him a test,
For Dave to go through, it’s more like a threat.
Every single time, she wears a fine dress,
She asks if the dress just makes her look fat.

Dinner at Dewey’s, did not go so well,
Dave answered wrong, break loose all the hell.
He tried everything, to draw her a smile,
But she is too mad, this will take a while.

And everyone’s there, just shocked at the sight,
Of an inter-galactic couple, in a sweet couple fight.
He’s a doctor, and she drools toxic sludge,
But they look so happy together, who am I to judge?

He suddenly stands up, and kneels on the ground,
A ring on his hand, both hearts beating loud
He grabs the left tentacle of his darling Lily,
And say all these words; “Would you marry me?”

She jumps up and down, she couldn’t behave,
For she is too happy, so does Dr. Dave.
She hugs her soul mate and screams “Yes, I do,
And please help annihilate the human race, too!”

*i understand some lines are a bit off, but I'm the kinda guy who will get back to his works eventually and do some repairs. and when I do, I will bump it again. but for now, I got nothing, so I guess this will do. 
oh, will turn this into a song soon~
*ideas supported by my friend, Kish.

(RANDOM) O hai

So I’ve decided to start blogging yet once again.

but this time, I’m pretty serious.

The reason i put up this blog is to throw some PONIES of my works that are not really

Wait, what is desu! you asked? it’s my band. checkidoutt

So what kind of works will I be posting? 
hmm let’s see, most probably poems, songs, videos etc. etc.
but man I gotta post a pony now!

Rainbow Dash is always related here

Right, back on track.
If y’all know me from before, y’all probably know that my works are ridiculous, 
comedic, a bit obscene and mostly, just stupid. hope y’all can cope with that.

If you love my works, please share it. I promise I will love you back >:3

+100 points for anyone who can think of a title for this blog